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博一百娱乐:《What Could Be Wrong?》Communication PPT免费下载

《What Could Be Wrong?》Communication PPT免费下载 详细介绍:

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《What Could Be Wrong?》Communication PPT免费下载《What Could Be Wrong?》Communication PPT免费下载《What Could Be Wrong?》Communication PPT免费下载《What Could Be Wrong?》Communication PPT免费下载《What Could Be Wrong?》Communication PPT免费下载

《What Could Be Wrong?》Communication PPT免费下载

第一部分内容:Think about it

Have you had any problems with your friends?

When you have a problem with a friend, what do you usually do?

New Words

figure v.  计算;认为

... ... ...

What Could Be Wrong?PPT,第二部分内容:Let's do it!

1. Read the lesson and answer the questions. 

1. What has happened to the Lost Girl?

Her good friend hasn’t spoken to her for a few days. And she can’t figure out what the problem is.

2. What are Sue’s suggestions if a friend wants to end the friendship?

There’s nothing you can do about it. Still be friendly and say hi to her when you pass her at school.

2. Listen to the reply from the Lost Girl and fill in the blanks.

Dear Sue, 

Thanks for your advice. I wrote my friend a letter and told her I wouldn’t want to lose her as a friend. I asked her what was wrong. She wrote back to me after she ___________.

There was a ____________________. I didn’t go home with her last Thursday as we had planned. She ________ me, but I missed the call. I ____________ it was all my fault. I went to her and said sorry. We are now friends again. I’m very happy.

The Lost Girl

... ... ...

What Could Be Wrong?PPT,第三部分内容:PROJECT


Work in groups. Write about a problem between two friends on a piece of paper. The problem should be short and clear.

●  Collect all the paper in the class.

●  Shuffle the paper.

●  Each group draws a piece of paper.

Read the problem in your group and write some advice to that person.

... ... ...

What Could Be Wrong?PPT,第四部分内容:Language points

1. We used to study and play together, but ever since last Friday, she hasn’t spoken to me. 


(1) used to do sth. 表示“过去常常做某事”。

e.g. We used to work in the same workshop.


be used to doing sth. 是习语,意思是“习惯于做某事”,used可用quite修饰。如果强调由不习惯到习惯这一过程,常用get或become代替be。

e.g. Perhaps he is used to taking his time.


He has got quite used to staying up late.


be used to do sth. 为use的被动结构,意思是“被用来做……”。

e.g. Wood can be used to make chairs and desks.


(2) ever since意为“从……开始”,可以引导时间状语从句,主句常用现在完成时,并且主句的谓语动词要用延续性动词,从句用一般过去时。 

e.g. Ever since he left for Canada last year, I haven’t seen him again.


ever since也可放在句末,意为“此后(就一直……)”。

e.g. The old man went to Beijing in 1949 and has lived there ever since.


2. I considered all the things that could be wrong, but I still can’t figure out what the problem is.   




(1) consider sth. 表示“考虑某事”。

e.g. I will consider your plan carefully.


(2) consider doing sth. 表示“考虑做某事”。

e.g. Have you considered buying a car?


(3) 跟从句。

e.g. The teacher considered how she should answer.这个老师考虑她要怎么回答。

(4) 跟“疑问词 + 动词不定式”结构。     

e.g. The woman hasn’t considered what to do next.这位妇女还没有考虑考虑接下来该做什么 。

... ... ...

What Could Be Wrong?PPT,第五部分内容:Homework

Have you had or are you in a conflict with a friend? 

Write a letter to this friend to try to resolve the conflict. 

Consider what the problem might be and what you can say or do to fix it.

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